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OpenDaylight Bootcamp

This 2 days training covers the critical skills needed to deploy an OpenDaylight-based solution. Training is conducted in a small classroom setting. Students will each be provided with a secure demo/test OpenDaylight environment for intense, hands-on access – initially via GUI-based tools (e.g., DLUX) that leverage students’ existing knowledge, then via ssh shell and command-line interaction. It will cover everything: from architecture and component interaction, through configuration, deployment, tuning, common use cases and troubleshooting – complete preparation for the real-world challenges faced in OpenDaylight deployments

  • Describe the architecture of an OpenDaylight SDN deployment
  • Define the key features of OpenDaylight
  • Identify suitable use-cases for OpenDaylight
  • Implement and use an emulated testbed environment
  • Manage authentication and authorization
  • Configure an OpenDaylight cluster
  • Mounting Netconf devices
  • Working with your first OpenFlow network
  • Be prepared for real-world deployment scenarios
  • Systems administrators
  • Technical IT professionals
  • Linux command line
  • Understanding of OpenFlow concepts
  • Understanding of Networking concepts

Day 1: ODL Fundamentals

  • SDN Evolution
  • Different SDN definitions that have evolved over time, different device types, different application types
  • SDN Controller Evolution
    • Early Open Source Controllers
    • OpenDaylight
  • ODL Features and Architecture
  • ODL Architectural Overview
  • ODL Southbound Protocols
  • Model-Driven Service Abstraction Layer (MD-SAL)
    • ODL Protocol Overview
  • BGP-LS / PCE-P
  • OpenFlow
    • ODL Demonstrations
  • Installation, running ODL, installing features, examining log entries
  • ODL GUI: Topology View, YANG UI
  • APIdoc/Explorer for REST APIs, Postman for REST APIs
    • ODL Labs
  • Installing ODL, running ODL, installing ODL features
  • GUI: Using OpenFlow and Mininet to view the ODL Topology
  • GUI: Examining ODL using YANG UI
  • Application: Using APIdoc/Explorer
  • Application: Using Postman

Day 2: ODL Development

  • ODL Protocol Details
    • BGP-LS / PCE-P
    • OpenFlow
  • SDN Application Design
    • Proactive vs Reactive applications
    • Design example (Blacklist)
    • Design labs (l2 switch, load balancer, firewall)
    • Design walkthroughs (data center overlay, network access control, traffic engineering, elephant flow offload)
  • SDN Application Development
    • Internal vs External applications
    • External, Python/REST application development
    • Internal, Java/MD-SAL application development