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SDN for Network Engineers

The SDN for Network Engineers class is a 2-day class with 50% lecture and 50% lab that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, use cases, where the industry is heading and migration strategies. This class has been designed to provide a broad and hands-on experience for network engineers requiring SDN knowledge. The Lab uses a variety of controllers including Floodlight, OpenDaylight and commercial controllers.

Students should have a basic understanding of common virtualization tools such as Virtualbox or VMWare Fusion and have a laptop with permissions to modify BIOS to permit virtualization and install VMs.

A basic understanding of routing and switching is required.

Network Engineers

Module 1: Introduction to SDN Technologies

  • SDN history
  • SDN definitions
  • Why SDN (Technical and Business Drivers)
  • SDN related technologies (NFV, Openstack and overlays)

Lab 1: Setting up your network with Mininet

Module 2: OpenFlow Tutorial

  • SDN controller overview and anatomy
  • OpenFlow overview
  • OpenFlow basics

Lab 2: Using Floodlight and Avior

Module 3: Applications

  • Types of applications
  • Reactive
  • Proactive
  • Blacklist
  • NAC

Lab 3: Using ovs-ofctl, REST APIs and Wireshark

Module 4: SDN Survey

  • SDN Camps:
    • Open SDN
    • SDN via API's
    • SDN via Overlays
    • SDN evolution
    • SDN vendors
    • SDN start-ups

Lab 4: Using Eclipse and a “blacklist” app

Module 5: Use Cases

  • Use cases in the data center
  • Use cases in the WAN
  • Use cases in the campus
  • Use cases in security

Lab 5: Using the HP Controller

Module 6: Case Studies

  • Google WAN Case Study
  • NTT Inter-Data Center Case Study
  • Stanford University Campus

Lab 6: Using the ODL Controller

Module 7: Migration Strategies

  • Migration framework
  • Migration approaches
  • Devices and deployments
  • Initial considerations
  • Implications

Lab 7: Using Policies on Controller

Module 8: Futures and Rebuttals

  • Future research on SDN
  • SDN rebuttals