CTIA- Certified Threat Intelliagence Analyst

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CTIA- Certified Threat Intelliagence Analyst

  • Duration: 24 hrs
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  • Certifications: CTIA- Certified Threat Intelliagence Analyst
  • Exams: 312-85

C|TIA is a method-driven program that uses a holistic approach, covering concepts from planning the threat intelligence project to building a report to disseminating threat intelligence. These concepts are highly essential while building effective threat intelligence and, when used properly, can secure organizations from future threats or attacks.This program addresses all the stages involved in the Threat Intelligence Life Cycle. This attention to a realistic and futuristic approach makes C|TIA one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence certifications on the market today.

• Introduction to Threat Intelligence
• Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
• Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
• Data Collection and Processing
• Data Analysis
• Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination

• Enable individuals and organizations with the ability to prepare and run a threat intelligence program that allows evidence-based knowledge and provides actionable advice about existing and unknown threats
• Ensure that organizations have predictive capabilities rather than just proactive measures beyond active defense mechanism
• Empower information security professionals with the skills to develop a professional, systematic, and repeatable real-life threat intelligence program• Differentiate threat intelligence professionals from other information security professionals
• Provide an invaluable ability of structured threat intelligence to enhance skills and boost their employability

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