Junos Space Essentials (JSE)

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JSE Junos Space Essentials (JSE)

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: $

This three-day course provides students with the knowledge required to manage the Junos Space appliance and manage devices with Junos Space.
Students will understand how to install Junos Space into a multimode Space Fabric, as well as learn how to administer and monitor the Fabric. Centralized Junos device management options offered by the Junos Space Network Management Platform will be explored, including configuration
backup, synchronization, Junos image distribution, and application of templates. Students will also learn how to automate Junos Space management functions using Ansible. This content is current to Junos Space software release 20.1R1.2.

• Explain the benefits of Junos Space software.
• Describe the Junos Spacearchitecture.
• List and identify the components and applications of Junos Space.
• Describe the two different form factors available for Junos Space.
• Perform the initial setup of Junos Space.
• Explain Junos Space security features and requirements.
• Explain how to navigate the Junos Space GUI.
• Describe multi-node Junos Spacedeployments.
• Describe the services that are used in a Junos Space deployment.
• Describe FMPM deployment.
• Describe High Availability failoverscenarios.
• Describe how to manage jobs.
• Describe Roles, Users,and Domains.
• Describe how to recover from password lass and locked accounts.
• Explain how to manage Junos Space Network Management Platform.
• Describe how Junos Space discovers and manages devices.
• Edit device configurations.
• Upgrade the firmware of manage devices.
• Describe the differences between template definitions and templates
• Create and use templates and template definitions.
• Create Quick Templates.
• Create and deploy CLIConfiglets.
• Describe the purposes of network monitoring.
• View nodes, node links and alarms using the Topology workspace.
• Configure and manage network monitoring features.
• Describe how reports function within Junos Space.
• Manage predefined and custom report definitions.
• Describe how to generatereports.
• Describe the benefits of using Ansible with the Junos Space Collection.
• List the Junos Space Collection modules and describe their purpose.
• Implement basic Ansible playbooks to work with Junos Space.

• Experience with the Junos Operating System, including device management, administration, and monitoring
• Complete the Introduction tothe Junos Operating System(IJOS) course or equivalent knowledge

Individuals responsible for managing Junos devices using the Junos Space software

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