Secure Access

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Secure Access

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: $
  • Certifications: Fortinet-NSE7

In this two-day course, you will learn how FortiOS, FortiAP, FortiSwitch, and FortiAuthenticator enable secure connectivity over wired and wireless networks. This course covers the deployment and troubleshooting of advanced authentication scenarios, as well as best practices for securely connecting wireless and wired users.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Configure advanced user authentication and authorization scenarios using RADIUS and LDAP
  • Troubleshoot user authentication and authorization problems
  • Implement two-factor authentication using digital certificates
  • Implement and troubleshoot RADIUS and Syslog single sign-on solutions
  • Manage FortiSwitch devices using FortiLink
  • Configure Layer 2 authentication for wired and wireless users using 802.1.x
  • Deploy complex wireless networks with dynamic VLAN assignments
  • Implement and deploy wireless network with IoT segmentation
  • Secure the Layer 2 network
  • Secure the wireless network
  • Provide secure access to guest users

This course is intended for networking and security professionals involved in the management, configuration, administration, and monitoring of FortiGate devices used to secure access to their organizations’ networks.

  1. RADIUS and LDAP
  2. Certificate-Based Authentication
  3. Radius and Syslog Single Sign-On
  4. FortiSwitch
  5. 802.1x Port Authentication
  6. Securing Layer 2
  7. Integrated Wireless
  8. Guest Access
  9. Enhanced Wireless
  • Knowledge of network authentication protocols
  • Knowledge of Layer 2 switching
  • Understanding of wireless networks
  • Understanding of the topics covered in the following courses:
    • NSE 4 FortiGate Security
    • NSE 4 FortiGate Infrastructure
  • An understanding of the topics covered in the following courses is also recommended:
    • NSE 6 FortiAuthenticator
    • NSE 6 Integrated and Cloud Wireless

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