System Administration 4 – SysAdmin 4

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System Administration 4 – SysAdmin 4

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Price: $

From a set of three blank ACOS devices, students build a system deployment with these attributes:

  • Layer 2 – 3 environment including VLANs, and IP routing
  • Device cluster environment with a single management point
  • High availability with multiple active devices
  • Multi-tenant environment with limited-scope administration
  • Remote authentication and authorization

Students also use device tools that monitor, diagnose, and restore the system configuration.

  • Classroom Discussion     40%
  • Lab Exercises     60%
  • OSI reference model
  • Network topology and administration
  • An industry standard switching and routing CLI
  • Network Operations
  • Development Operations
  • Network Security
  • Students preparing for Application Courses

Initial ACOS Configuration

Base system configuration through the CLI and GUI
Backup and restore
System upgrade
Configuration profiles

Centralized Configuration Management: aVCS

Clustering devices into a centralized chassis
aVCS topology: vMaster and vBlade devices
vMaster election and maintenance

High Availability: VRRP-A

Active-Standby mode and failover
N+M deployments
Active device selection

Application Delivery Partitions (ADP)

Layer 3 Virtualization Partitions (L3V)
Shared and private partitions
Public and private objects

Role-based Administration

Admin account creation through the CLI and GUI
Assigning privileges, passwords, and access rights
Roles: predefined and user-defined
Session management

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Using AAA servers to manage device and command access
Account and command tracking

Control Plane Logging

ACOS logging
External logging and emailing events
Events and thresholds


Monitoring ACOS devices remotely
A10 MIBs
Configuring Traps
OID discovery

aXAPI Overview

aXAPI architecture and session flow
API methods


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