Versa Secure SD-WAN Configuration and Administration (V-SDCA)

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Versa Secure SD-WAN Configuration and Administration (V-SDCA)

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price: $

This five-day course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN solutions, and the fundamentals of configuration and administration of a Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN deployment. It includes fundamental instruction on network overlays and underlays, routing, and the different SD-WAN topologies. It provides instruction on the Versa Networks components Versa Director, Versa Analytics, and Versa OS (VOS)™, and the building blocks of configuration: Workflows, Templates, and Service Templates.

The course puts these concepts into practice with step-by-step, hands-on lab exercises which allow participants to gain conceptual and practical knowledge and skills in the configuration, deployment, basic administration, and monitoring of a Versa Secure SD-WAN environment.
This course is based on VOS 16.1-R2-S10

Describe the benefits of an SD-WAN solution
• Describe the components of the Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN solution
• Describe the features and functions of each component of a Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN
• Configure and deploy a Versa Networks Secure SD-WAN with the following features and functions:
– Full Mesh topology
– Spoke to Hub Only topology
– Spoke to Spoke via Hub topology
– Spoke to Spoke Direct topology
– Workflows and template creation/management
– Routing and redundant LAN functionality (multi-homed sites)
– Routing policy
– Class of Service
– Traffic Steering (policy-based forwarding) and SLA monitoring
– Basic security features

This course is designed for engineers who plan, implement, and service Versa Secure SD-WAN or vCPE networks. Target roles include Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Field Engineers, Technical Support personnel, Channel partners and resellers.

Participants should have a basic to intermediate-level knowledge of IP networking, routing fundamentals, routing protocols, and basic IPsec and encapsulation/tunneling concepts. Additionally, it is recommended that participants complete the Versa Essentials online course, although this is
not required.

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