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    Are you are looking for Ivanti Reseller Partner to acquire Ivanti devices such as Policy Secure ( PS), Connect Secure ( CS )  ? get expert advise by our award-winning, Ivanti Certified Engineers , we are there for you to make your new journey with Ivanti  as comfortable as possible.

    Datacipher is Ivanti Reseller Partner in India. We are specialised in providing services on Ivanti Solutions like Policy Secure ( PS), Connect Secure ( CS ) . Our team has extensive experience in providing Ivanti Support, and we maintain the same strict quality standards as Ivanti.

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    Connect Secure (CS)

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    Connect Secure includes Secure Clients and the AppConnect SDK. Clients are dynamic, multiservice network client for mobile and personal computing devices. Clients are simply deployed, enabling users to quickly “click and connect” from any device, anywhere. Secure AppConnect SDK delivers per application SSL VPN connectivity for iOS and Android clients, enabling IT to create an even more transparent and secure mobile app experience for their users.

    Policy Secure (PS)

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    Policy Secure delivers an easy-to-use BYOD ready granular access control solution that is context aware, identity enabled, location and device based for the most complex datacenter and cloud environments. Policy Secure enables safe, protected network and cloud access for a diverse user audience over a wide range of devices. The Policy Secure provides best-in-class performance and scalability while delivering centralized policy management with visibility, access control, and simplifying deployment, administration, and management.

    Workspace (WS)

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    BYOD is becoming more application-centric and business strategic as enterprises look to mobilize their entire workforce and rapidly increase productivity. But the use of enterprise apps on employee-owned devices can create compliance and access challenges, as well as security burdens for IT.