Next Generation Firewalls

Navigating the forefront of Next-Generation Firewall solutions by merging strategic design with seamless execution ensures unparalleled visibility, control, and real-time threat detection for users, applications, and devices across diverse environments.

Why Next Generation Firewalls?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face an array of sophisticated cyber threats. Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are essential for enterprises aiming to stay ahead of these challenges. They offer a multi-dimensional approach to security, providing deep application insight, advanced threat prevention, and pervasive visibility. Unlike traditional firewalls, NGFWs integrate identity management, ensure encrypted traffic inspection, and adopt proactive defense mechanisms. With them, businesses can confidently navigate the digital realm, ensuring robust protection for users, applications, and devices across diverse environments.

Challenges Businesses Face with Next Generation Firewalls


Managing the complexity of setting up and maintaining advanced features, often requiring specialized expertise.


Handling false positives that can disrupt legitimate business operations, leading to potential downtime or loss of productivity.


Balancing comprehensive security with performance, as deep packet inspection and other advanced functions can impact network speeds.


Ensuring efficient decryption and inspection of encrypted traffic without compromising data privacy or breaching compliance standards.


Keeping the firewall’s software and threat intelligence up-to-date to guard against the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities.


Integrating with other security solutions and tools in an organization’s ecosystem, which can pose interoperability challenges.

How Datacipher can help?

Datacipher’s Next Generation Firewalls solutions are designed to fortify every connection point in your network, ensuring a robust defense from potential threats while maintaining optimal performance.

Deep Application Insight and Control

With Datacipher, safeguard users, applications, and devices without compromising on reliability or speed. Our solutions provide advanced visibility into application activities, ensuring a proactive defense mechanism.

Identity, Segmentation, and Comprehensive Threat Prevention

Our Next Generation Firewalls go beyond traditional perimeter-only protection. We ensure a threat-aware network posture, integrating identity management and segmentation for a holistic security approach.

Proactive Risk Management

Datacipher emphasizes reducing the attack surface by offering pervasive visibility and intelligence. Our solutions are designed to automatically take informed actions, ensuring a resilient defense against potential threats.

Efficient SSL Inspection

Our solutions provide inline decryption and inspection for both inbound and outbound SSL connections. This ensures comprehensive visibility and protection against threats that might be embedded in SSL encrypted traffic.

Optimized for Maximum Efficiency

Leveraging a robust operating system, Datacipher's Next Generation Firewalls are optimized for scalability and automation, ensuring your network remains agile and fortified against evolving threats.

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Why Partner with Datacipher for Your Next Generation Firewalls Needs?

We ensure robust firewall protection for every connection point in your network, from individual clients to intensive workloads, standing as a beacon of trust in the challenges of modern network security.

Your Dedicated Firewall Partner

As your Quality of Service Partner, Datacipher provides unparalleled Next Generation Firewall solutions that cater to diverse industries, ensuring a fit for your specific requirements.

Advanced Application Control

Our solutions offer deep visibility and control over application activities, ensuring that your network remains safeguarded without compromising on performance.

Beyond Traditional Security

We believe in a holistic approach to security. Our Next Generation Firewalls integrate identity management, segmentation, and advanced threat prevention, ensuring a comprehensive defense mechanism.

Automated Threat Defense

With an emphasis on proactive risk management, our solutions are designed to automatically detect and counteract potential threats, ensuring your network remains resilient.

Efficient Encrypted Traffic Inspection

Datacipher ensures that encrypted traffic doesn't become a blind spot. Our solutions efficiently decrypt and inspect SSL connections, providing comprehensive protection against hidden threats.

Optimized for Your Business

Leveraging advanced technologies, Datacipher's Next Generation Firewalls are optimized for scalability, automation, and adaptability, ensuring your network security evolves with your business needs.

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Bridging Agile Networking and Robust Security with AI-Driven Insights for Consistent Access and Real-Time Protection Across All Touchpoints.

Fortifying Cloud Infrastructure with Comprehensive Protection, Enhanced Visibility, and Efficient Governance across IaC, Data, Host, Container, Serverless Environments, and Web Applications.

Delivering Unparalleled Protection and Streamlined Management through Endpoint Protection, Extended Detection & Response, Ransomware Protection, and Digital Forensics for Comprehensive Coverage against Evolving Threats.

Elevating Digital Defense through Cloud and Network Security Automation, SOC Enhancement, Threat Intel and Incident Management, with Proactive Managed Detection & Response for Resilient and Efficient Security Oversight.

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